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2. Inside Toy Layout

(1) Ancient Toy Area
The toys in this area are a combination of handiwork and individual ingenuity. They are primarily made of materials from nature. So the fun of this area has the earthy flavor of local color. The toys in this area include Kick Ball, Pot Casting, Throwing Jug, Striking Planks, Mallet Ball, Dough Figurine, Dragon Doll, China Doll, Longevity Figurine, Chinese Opera Mask, Rattle Drum, Zong Ren Play, Paddle Ball, Spinning Top, Hand Puppet, and Stuffed Toys (such as Tiger), etc. Besides that, there are many nursery rhymes here, such as "Little child, don't cry, Mama makes a cloth tiger for you, the bad ghost will be frightened away."

Ceiling: Centipede Kite
There is a centipede kite attached to the ceiling. This centipede kite is about 20 meters long. Its tails can be attached to it end-to-end, to make it longer.

(2) Modern Toy Area
The toys in this area mostly are local Taiwanese toys. Some of these toys were popular in the era of Japanese rule. Because of technological progress, paper and plastic toys began to be produced in large numbers.
A. Toys of the 1950s: Rolling Dartboard, Glass bead, Slingshot, Cricket, Iron-Wire Car, Ice Cream Machine, Rubber Ball, Hens Carousel.
B. Toys of the 1960s~1970s: Slide Projector, Slides, Menko Cards, Plastic Embossed Dolls, Zhu-Ge-Si-Lang, Kaleidoscope.
C. Paper toys: Origami, Science Ninja Team Gatchaman Mask, Paper Doll, Menko Card.
D. Plastic Toys: Playing-house, Toy Sword and Saber, Toy Gun.
E. Twisty Puzzles: Chinese Klotski, Chinese Chess, Six Components of Excellence, Nine Connected Rings. 

F. The Era of Japanese Rule: Cap Cutting Machine, Spools Car, Japanese Folk Toy, Celluloid Doll.

The Toy's Story Area: Disappearing Sound
The primary job for vendors was to beckon guests, so it needed to design many extraordinary voice to attract customers' attention and make them buy their commodities. For example, the businessman who sold the malt sugar would knock a gong or a pair of clappers. The ice-cream salesperson used a rubber trumpet to make a special sound like ba-bu. And the peddler who sold the pickled vegetables with a small cart, would call customers with a clear sound by shaking a ring. Additionally, during the 1930s and 1940s, before advancements in hygiene and health, the sound of the tambourine meant that someone was selling roundworm medicine. It reminded parents to take care of their children's health. The other special sound was from the wooden-carved frog which was able to make different kinds of frog sounds, surprising everyone who heard them.

(3) Idol Toy Area
Entering this area, visitors will see Great Mazinger of the 1960s at the first sight. This Great Mazinger is the only one in the Asia. It took lots of hard work for the late curator to acquire it.
The toys in this area include:
A. Vehicles: Train, Tram, Helicopter, Ding-dong Vehicle, Matchbox Car, British Handmade Automobile, China Culture Revolution Car.
B. Robot Toys: Golden Robot, Getter Robo, Robosapien, RoboRaptor, Godzilla, Modern Robosapien.
C. Figurines: Bruce Lee, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Tatung Doll, Astro Boy, Nutcracker.
D. Dolls: Barbie of 1950's, China Doll, Kewpie, Woven Doll.
E. Different Styles of Piggy Banks, such as Japanese style, etc.

(4) Traditional Grocery Store
In the earlier rural society of Taiwan, the traditional grocery store was the center of people's lives. Everyone trusted each other deeply, and because of the warmth and friendliness, most of the store owners would let people pay monthly for the commodities which they bought. In addition to household items, 'Gin-Na-Mi' was the children's favorite toy in the store. You can also find movie posters from the 1960s on the walls of this store.

Knowledge: Gin-Na-Mi
The term 'Gin-Na-Mi' in Taiwanese dialect refers to the toys of past generations. Most of these items could be found in general stores in the old days. They were the kinds of toys that any child could afford. Sometimes children could win these toys, or the money to buy them, as prizes by playing "chou-chou-le" or "chuo-chuo-le", two innocent games of chance which involve drawing slips of paper from chambers inside a box.

(5) Shop
Visitors can buy toy souvenirs here.

(6) Toy Playing Area
A. Visitors can play different kinds of chess and interactive toys here.
B. Challenge Twisty Puzzles
Six Components of Excellence, Chinese Sliding-Block, Rubik's cube, T Character, Lovers' Rings, Skillful Links, Nine Connected Rings, Three-star Constellation, etc.

(7) Picture Area: Visitors' Pictures.


(8) Book Area: Reference Books About Toys

Jump lattices
Floor: Jump Lattices

Ancient Toy Introduction
Ancient Toy Area

Centipede Kite
Centipede Kite

Modern Toy
Modern Toy Area

The Toy' s  Story Area
Toy's Story Area

Idol Toy Area
Idol Toy Area

Idol Toy Area
Idol Toy Area

Traditional Grocery Store
Traditional Grocery Store

Toy Playing Area
Toy Playing Area

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Knowledge: Celluloid

The plastics produced at the end of the 19th Century were made from cellulose. It was flexible and cheap but had the unfortunate property of being very flammable. Today it is only used for spectacle frames and ping pong balls.



Knowledge: Tinplate

China's first shipments of foreign-made iron were imported through Macau during the mid Ching Dynasty. This was why the Chinese referred to tinplate as "Mako Iron".