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2. Childlike innocence-the curator, Bi-Shia Wang
(1) Personal resume
The curator, Bi-Shia Wang, is called Aunt Wang by children. She was born in Danshui, but grew up in Taipei. Ms. Wang has a special interest in folk toys. She used grass or plants to make many kinds of toys. She was a good helper for Mr. Jiang's new idea for toys. She could make his creativity become real toys.

(2) The motivation for taking over the museum
In August of 2008, Mr. Jiang died of a sudden heart attack, a myocardial infarction. Mrs. Jiang was in such deep sorrow that she lost concern for the museum. Just when Mrs. Jiang was about to give it up, she remembered that their daughter had promised Mr. Jiang that the whole family would manage and maintain the museum well. She finally pulled herself together and tried her best to preserve what her husband had done for the museum.

(3) The determination to carry on  
When the children step into the museum and see a houseful of toys, they always burst out, “Wow!”  It is this naïve and direct response that makes Mrs. Jiang more determined to continue her job.

(4) The drive to work hard
After each guided tour, appreciation and happy smiles from the visitors encouraged her to keep going. Additionally, whenever she thought of the pride on her husband's face, she would forget all the troubles and difficulties.

(5) The favorite toy in the childhood
The only toy which Mrs. Jiang bought in her childhood was a rubber ball. At that time, rubber balls were common and not expensive, so girls liked playing with balls and were good at it. They enjoyed kicking balls and flipping balls over, and even catching balls with their skirts.

(6) The favorite toys at present
Mrs. Jiang's favorite toys at present are puzzle games, which can keep one from getting Alzheimer's Disease. She always has some near her bed. Now, she is able to conquer lots of them, such as Nine Connected Rings, Rubik's Cube, Chinese Klotski and Six Components of Excellence.

(7) Devotion to collecting toys
Old-time toys might easily disappear once they are destroyed. Mrs. Wang and her late husband used to drive around for looking for toys. Their favorite places were the grocery stores in the countryside where they would ask the owners if there were any unsold toys. They often got surprises. Sometimes, Mrs. Wang was more generous and even spent money more in collecting toys than her husband. Mrs. Wang not only finds pleasure in collecting toys but also understands the cultural value of the old-time toys. She even devised toys herself. The biggest toy in the museum is the hula hoop, with a diameter of 3 meters, which was Mr. and Mrs. Jiang's representative work in 2008.

(8) Encouragement
I think if you have a dream, just stick to it and never give up. You will make it eventually.

Mrs. Jiang’s favorite rubber ball
Mrs. Jiang's favorite rubber ball

Children listen to Mrs. Jiang carefully.
Children listen to Mrs. Jiang carefully.

Children listen to Mrs. Jiang carefully.
Introduce the interesting toys.

Playing “ poke-and-win game” after answering the questions correctly
Play “poke-and-win game" after answering the questions correctly.

Say good-bye to each other happily.
Say good-bye to each other happily.

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