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1. The Childhood Dream - Toy Collector, Mr. Wen-Jing Jiang

(1) Resume
Born in 1952 in Yunlin Touliu, Jiang had a deep love for toys since he was 7 years old. He bought his first toy, a small rubber water gun, with pocket money which he had been saving for a long time. This small rubber water gun created a bond between him and toys. After serving two-year compulsory military duty, he worked as a salesman in the UK matchbox car company. This work deepened his commitment to collecting toys. He was also a toy inventor and designed a spacecraft which won appreciation from a Japanese manufacturer. He fulfilled his dream by founding Taiwan Toy Museum in 2003. In October, 2008, Mr. Wen-Jing Jiang passed away suddenly in the prime of his life, at the age of 56. His wife, Miss Bi-Shia Wang carried on her husband's work and made Taiwan Toy Museum shine even more.

(2) The mission and the wish of the museum
The mission of inheriting toys is to retain toy dreams for all our friends. Toys are not just toys when they are in children's hands because children are born players. Toys can challenge children' mind, rack their brains to invent different ways to play, get a sense of accomplishment by doing things themselves, and inspire children's imagination to be creative. Our culture heritage lies in children's hearts, and this heritage can also be a source of fun. As soon as people pick up toys, fun is in the offing, and the dream is already talking off.

(3) The biggest dream
Mr. Jiang hoped to construct a toy kingdom containing a vision of the past, present and future toys. If possible, he hoped to build Taiwan Toy Museum in his hometown, Yunlin,

(4) Favorite toy in his childhood
When Mr. Jiang was 7 years old, he used his pocket money to buy a small rubber water gun which is now still well-preserved.

(5) Collection difficulties
A. He had been collecting toys for more than 30 years, with no outside help.
B. His efforts did not always go well. Some people agreed to give him the toys, but regretted it the next day. To get the set, "Zhu-Ge-Si-Lang & Devil Party", he spent more than a month, going from Taipei and Kaohsiung more than a dozen times. Finally, the owner of the set was moved by his dedication and then sold him the figurines. Although it cost him a lot, he still felt it was worth it.

(6) The happiest moment
The children's response to his collection was his happiest moment. While telling toy stories to children, he saw the surprised and understanding smiles on children's faces. Also, after the tour ended, the children happily and loudly shouted "Thank you, Uncle Jiang!"  The children's innocent faces were filled with satisfaction and accomplishment. And this gave Wen-Jing Jiang the support that he needed to go on with his efforts regardless of what the government should do.

(7) Encouragement
We have to leave our own footprints in life, or we will waste life.

junior high school
Mr. Jiang's picture in junior high school

senior high school
Mr. Jiang's picture in senior high school

in the army picture
Mr. Jiang's in the army

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Talking about setting up a toy museum in Yunlin on the first time media report  Talking about the dream of a toy village with the mayor of Yunlin
Talking about setting up a toy museum in   Talking about the dream of a toy village with the mayor of Yunlin
Yunlin on the first time media report

Zhu-Ge-Si-Lang Set Mr. Jiang’s happiest time when all the visitors listen to him carefully
Zhu-Ge-Si-Lang Set           Mr. Jiang's happiest time when all the visitors listen to him carefully