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4. Present Location

(1) The cause of the current location in Banqiao

In Jun. 2006, then-curator Wen-Jing Jiang and his wife, Bi-Xia Wang, drove on the way to Danshuei from Yingge. They passed by Banqiao 435 Arts District, and saw a commander's platform there. Then they decided to take a walk there because the commander's platform reminded them of their childhood at school. Mr. Jiang thought it would be a suitable place to establish the museum, especially the open space for playing toys and games. By coincidence that the new mayor of Banqiao city, Hui-Zhen Jiang, wanted to rebuild Banqiao 435 Arts District. She invited Mr. Jiang to set up the museum there. This illustrates the expression, "What you think will become true."

(2) The process of the establishment

Moving the museum was heavy work. First, we needed to contact Vice Mayor Qui-Rong Lin. Then, we had to move all the toys from Yingge and Danshui to the current site. We knocked down the walls of four classrooms to turn them into the museum hall. The signboard was designed and accomplished by the vice mayor. The interesting part of the story is that Mrs. Jiang disagreed with Mr. Jiang about establishing a museum. Mrs. Jiang thought the toys for a museum were not enough, and they needed narrators. She thought what they should establish a "collection hall," not a "museum". Mrs. Jiang was angry with Mr. Jiang about this, so she left him for three months and didn't want to talk to him. During this period, Mr. Jiang did all the work for establishing the museum by himself. After the museum was decorated well, Mr. Jiang asked Mrs. Jiang back to be the narrator. Mrs. Jiang was surprised upon seeing the museum because everything was done well, especially the heavy cabinet moved by Mr. Jiang himself. However, Mrs. Jiang was not satisfied with the placement of the toys. So she moved the toys secretly to the places which she liked. And Mr. Jiang never found out.       

It was not an easy job for a thin woman like Mrs. Jiang to climb up high for decorating and placements. However, after Mr. Jiang passed away, Mrs. Jiang had to do all this kind of work by herself. Even though Mrs. Jiang's work was very toilsome, she never gave up. She tried her best to present the toys well for the visitors.


Motivation to move the museum because of the commander's platform
Motivation to move the museum because of the commander's platform

Signboard designed by vice-mayor
Signboard designed by the vice-mayor

Concern from the enthusiasts
Concern from the enthusiasts

“Taiwan Toy Museum” starting up Mayor and vice-mayor hosting the opening ceremony
"Taiwan Toy Museum" starting up      Mayor and vice-mayor hosting the opening ceremony

The pictures of mayor and vice-mayor at the traditional grocery store Mr. Jiang's introduction to students
Pictures of the mayor and vice-mayor     Mr. Jiang's introduction to students

Mrs. Jiang's discreetness in the decoration of the windows 
Mrs. Jiang's discreetness in the decoration   Students are carefully listening to Mrs. Jiang's introduction.
of the windows