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1. Introduction to Taiwan Toy Museum

Taiwan Toy Museum was established in October, 2003. Three thousand toys which were collected by the late curator, Wen-Jing Jiang, are now on display in the museum. Visitors can see various rare antique toys and the toys which Jiang collected in his youth.

The current curator is Jiang's wife, Mrs. Bi-Shia Wang, who carries on his wishes and ideas. She organizes the toys systematically by their ages and presents the toys with stories. The museum has hundreds of toys and many areas where you are allowed to play with them. It is absolutely worth visiting.

The museum's toys are all systematically arranged and introduced by age from the most ancient (such as Pot Casting, the oldest toy, and other ancient folk toys such as Throwing Jug, Striking Planks, and Mallet Ball) to the latest robot toys. In addition, there's a special and interesting way of introducing toys for reserved groups. Having a tour in Taiwan Toy Museum is like a tour of old times. Let's go to the museum to recall the good memories of childhood.

The picture of Mr. Jiang and Mrs. Jiang.

To see the museum from a far place.
To see the museum from a far place.

The entrance of the museum
The entrance of the museum

大門右側招牌 百年嬰兒車 室內互動遊戲區
The signboard on the left side of the door   100-year-old baby car          Interactive Games Area